About Denise

Denise Vaccaro YogaDenise Vaccaro fell in love with yoga from her very first class in 2010. Her passion and desire to deepen her knowledge led her to her 200 hour certification. Denise feels very fortunate to have studied with many wonderful teachers who have each contributed a unique part of themselves to her growth. She is grateful that she is able to give back to her students what she has learned.

It’s important to Denise that her classes are a celebration of life and a sharing of energy—she creates a safe, welcoming space where students can practice without judgment to become aware of and foster their own strengths, both physical and emotional, and get in touch with their spirits. She creates sequences that can live in anyone’s body, regardless of their circumstances, challenging yet supporting them where they are.

Denise is constantly challenging herself by attending classes, workshops and conferences. She is drawn to practice by the preciousness of and her involvement in the yoga community and the empowering journey of learning to link breath, body, mind and spirit. This path to self-awareness is an incredible journey, and of course, remembering to smile and not take oneself too seriously is…magic!

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